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CFSound IV Compact FLASH Digital Audio System with built in Amp & Two Contact Sense Input Triggers
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: ACS-CF-CFSoundIV
Price: $299.00
Volume Price
Quantity Price each
3-9 $279.00
10-24 $269.00
25-99 $259.00
100-249 $249.00
250-499 $239.00
500-999 $229.00

Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Enclosed with 120-240 Wall Transformer
Enclosed No Wall Transformer(-$8.95)
Non-Enclosed with Wall Transformer(-$7)
Non-Enclosed No Wall Transformer(-$15.95)
Install Contact IO8(+$94.90)
Install Contact Sense 8(+$59.93)
Install Contact Sense 24(+$79.94)
Install 2nd Contact IO8(+$94.90)
Install 2nd Contact Sense 8(+$59.93)
Install 2nd Contact Sense 24(+$79.94)
Install - POE(Power Over Ethernet Module(+$29.95)
1/8" to Stereo RCA Line Level Adapter(+$1.00)
As of 12/17, we have about 200 CFSound IV units remaining in stock. Once stock is depleted, we will no longer be making the CFSound

CFSound IV digital audio repeater, digital message repeater Feature Packed!
· Studio CD/DVD quality audio with no compression
 · Audio Files stored on SD Flash Card
 · Plays 8 & 16-bit, 8KHz-44KHz, WAV files
 · 108 hours of playback with 32gig SD card
· Two contact sense input triggers built in, Expandable to 50!
· Connect normally open, normally closed Switches,
  motion Sensors, Floor mats and more. wiring examples.
· 20 Watt built in Stereo digital amp drives 4-8 ohm Speakers.
· 35mW built in Headphone amp for 16-64 ohm headphones
· Line level in for passing audio through when no files are playing
· PTT relay output(Activated when audio plays), Expandable to 16!
· 10/100 Ethernet TCP/IP network support
· DHCP client, FTP & VNC server, NTP client, Art-Net(TM) DMX, SMTP
· Optional POE(Power Over Ethernet)
· USB for copying files to the SD or Micro SD Flash Card or ACS BASIC terminal
Simple to Use
· Record Wav files on your computer, tablet, or smart phone
· No Programming! Just name the files how you want them to play
· Copy your files to the SD or Micro SD Flash Card using a card reader, USB, or FTP
· Plug the SD Flash card in the CFSound IV
· Pre-Wired Kits provide no hassle installation
· Built in optional use ACS BASIC programming Language
· Network Time Server based Real Time Clock Calender for time triggered sounds

For Full product features and specifications, CLICK HERE to visit the product webpage.

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ACS-SD-MICRO-4GIG-WA 4 Gig Micro SD card with SD adapter $14.97