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Why can't I save .WAV files in Windows Vista Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder in Vista only saves in .WMA format instead of .WAV format unless you have a N edition. This is bizarre since Windows Vista uses .WAV files for it's system sounds.

You might try Audacity which is free:

or Cooledit
30 day trial, $20.

Or use can try and use the older, non-crippled Windows XP version of Sound Recorder:
We haven't trried this, but found these instructions...

To get the old sound recorder to work on Vista, do the following:
1. Copy the %SystemRoot%\System32\sndrec32.exe file from a Windows XP computer to your Vista machine.
2. Right-Click the file and choose Run as Administrator. (This is required so that it can write one-time registry entries).
3. Now you can just double-click that icon and the old app should work!

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