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How can I record my sounds ?

1. Record any audio clip of your choosing @ 22 or 44KHz, 16-bit monaural or Stereo. Make sure that your samples do not clip (go above or below the sample window). The peaks of your audio clip, should, however, fill vertically at least 95% of the sample window. If they do not, you will need to boost your input signal by using a pre-amp or by some other means.

2. Edit the clip until satisfied. You can use a sound editor or filter program, such as Syntrillium's Cool Edit to normalize the amplitude of the sample. Use this command cautiously though, since it also tends to amplify noise levels. It is always preferable to re-record your sound clip at a higher level to achieve better fidelity.

3. After your editing is complete and you are ready to make a file for the Compact FLASH II Digital Audio System, use Cool Edit or a similar program to convert or down sample it to a 22KHz, 8-bit monaural or 11KHz 8-bit Stereo clip. It is imperative that all initial editing and filtering be done to the audio clip while it is formatted at 16-bit and 22KHz or greater. Another important thing to remember when recording sound is that the background noise is amplified 256 times when down converting from 16 bit to 8 bit. It is, therefore, critical to the quality of your final sound that there is no background noise while you are recording your clips or samples. The quiet noise of the fan on a PC for example, when amplified 256 times, can produce a very noticeable hiss or static sound in the recorded clips or samples. Please be certain that your recording environment is absolutely quiet. Also remember that digital play-out devices do not introduce any static of their own other than quantization noise. They only play back exactly what was recorded. If there is excessive static in the audio clip or sample, then there was probably static in it originally.

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